Jonathan Goh Wedding Director

Jonathan Goh

Wedding Director

A decade in the engineering field, working for real estate MNCs managing projects with tight schedules and tighter budgets, has equipped Jonathan with the necessary skills to manage the first major project that you, the couple, embark on – your own wedding.

There are two key success factors in a perfect wedding. The first is a concept that holds true its integrity in congruence with the new couple-to-be’s personality. A new personality that starts to evolve as they merge, becoming one. Miss this, and the ambience, environment, and stage becomes contrived. Jonathan blends in both creativity and objectivity, and injects a sense of balance into the equation. The second key factor is managing the stress levels. The common denominator of every perfect wedding, is that it always happens imperfectly, and the only law that prevails is Murphy’s Law that states when there are opportunities for things to go wrong… they will.

Jonathan’s role is as a surrogate blessed assurance, assuring the couple that amidst the chaos of approaching wedded bliss, there will be a sense of serenity and calm that supersedes the unseen storms that may brew.

In Jonathan, you have someone to walk alongside you, just as you start your journey as one.

Grace Hutagalung

Grace Hutagalung

Senior Consultant
For Weddings in Bali

Grace joins the Wedding Acts team with over 10 years of experience in the 5-star F&B, Hospitality and event planning Industry.

After she completed her studies in Switzerland, she went on to hone her skills and her passion for hospitality with a number of well-known establishments, including the Four Seasons in Jakarta. With the desires to challenge herself further, Grace decided to move to Indonesia’s ultimate hospitality centre, Bali. Her reputation as a hospitality professional led her to being recruited by the island’s leading catering company, where she managed dozens of catered events.

Always wanting to seek new challenges, expand her knowledge, and pass her love of hospitality to others, Grace struck out on her own and became a wedding organizer and hospitality management consultant.

Born and raised in Jakarta, Grace has been based and living in Bali for 5 years.

Her eyes for details, style and taste combined with vast experiences in planning and managing weddings, and impressive knowledge of the hospitality industry in Bali, make her an exciting addition to the Wedding Acts team and uniquely qualified her to make any couple’s wedding in Bali an easy, relaxed experience and a resounding success.

Her calm professional manner coupled with an infectious humor and joy for life make her a pleasure to work with. Add to this her impressive experience of managing events.