Setting The Stage

For The Start of Something Beautiful

Hindsight is 20/20; the regret most frequently expressed by newlyweds who did not engage a wedding planner is exactly that; not having engaged a wedding planner. The emotional intensity — in the days preceding the wedding, and in the moment amidst the celebrations — can be overwhelming. The presence of a confidant, an apt word, can be a blessed assurance in the midst of the tempest. An objective third party who is not lost in the euphoria.

Marrying couples also forget that the event is about them, it is their wedding. The “act” of getting married is consummated by two persons, and the guests are there participating in celebrating the consummation. Instead of basking in the rapture of that perfect day, the bride and the groom are consumed and caught up in the thick of things, making thin their own day, and the memories.

Wedding Acts, in celebrating a decade of making weddings beautiful, understands the method to the madness in preparing for your big day. In that madness,

We provide structure;
We provide strength;
We provide steadfastness.

Let us make your wedding some kind of wonderful,

One that celebrates marriage;
One that celebrates newness;
One that celebrates two becoming one.

Wedding Acts, setting the stage for the start of something beautiful.

Prestige and truthworthiness of our brand

Wedding Acts is the first and only Wedding Merchant with CASETRUST accreditation in Singapore from 2013-2015. We have the prestige of being regularly invited to wedding conferences held in USA, Italy, Greece and India, where we can meet and widen our global network of partners and vendors who are members from various wedding associations, such as the Association of Bridal Consultants(US), Wedding Network,  Weddings Events of Australia, and Quintessentially Weddings just to name a few. This has thus enhanced our capability and the vast resources we can have access to literally plan any destination weddings in the world.



With a decorating budget of SGD$150,000, the first Singapore wedding planner to be engaged in such an overseas wedding decorations project.

PHUKET – 2007

Appointed planner for a destination wedding on a private island; hosting more than 80 guests with over three days of events and activities.


Designed the first-ever Transparent Hexagon Marquee wedding set-up.

BALI – 2008

Destination wedding for 120 guests with over 3 days of events, inclusive of a golf tournament, at 3 different sites. With Laura Fygi providing the most romantic of soundtracks live.


Wedding Acts is established.


Created Singapore’s very first ‘Lord of the Rings’ themed wedding.


Nominated for Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise.


Awarded the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant by the Association of Bridal Consultants, United States.


Consultant to the Research & Development team of Mediacorp for the production Channel 8’s drama series “New Beginnings”.


Appointed as Country Director for Association of Bridal Consultants of Singapore.


Commence a new decade of being in the business of “Setting Stages for the start of Beautiful somethings”.


Recommended by Quintessentially Weddings.
First and Only Wedding Planner accredited with CASETRUST by the Consumers Association of Singapore.


Listed on Style Me Pretty Little Black Book and Destination Guide.
The launch of Celebrating Adora.